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Karin Kempen, Directeur dÉtudes at European Business School Paris


“Having worked with Maria for at least 20 years in my position as Head of Third Year at the European Business School Paris sending student cohorts to EBS-London I had largely the opportunity to appreciate Maria’s qualities in student management and teaching.

Maria is rigorous and result oriented yet has a wonderful rapport with students. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at managing her teaching staff is truly superior. She is extremely well organised, reliable and always positive. She always maintained the high level of performance set by the school but never asked for the impossible. Our students always pointed out that they had been very well looked after during their semester abroad and that the courses set up and supervised by Maria were tailored to their needs and delivered in an extremely motivating way.”

Lawrence Tray, London, UK


María helped me and my brother get A*s in GCSE and A-Level Spanish. It was a pleasure being her pupils. Every lesson was fun and engaging. We really learnt a tremendous amount in the time we spent with her. As well as the language side, we explored very pertinent topics through the study of Spanish literature.

Anabel from México


Your teaching style has made a great impact on how I learned English! You are by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you!

Marie-Louise from Munich, Germany


Conozco a María desde hace muchos años. Fue mi profesora de español en Londres. Ahora he podido preparar un diploma DELE con ella completamente en linea. María fue muy motivadora, amable y fiable. Al mismo tiempo, me preparó para las tareas de forma específica. Ha reconocido mis carencias y las necesidades específicas. Puedo recomendar a María sin dudas a todo el mundo.

Erin, Secondary School Student, London, UK


I really enjoyed the classes on Facetime, working on themes related to my areas of interest and receiving learning material via email as well as the new vocabulary and structures covered during each class. I was able to revise the material offline between classes and noticed the progress made from one class to the next. A million thanks. You’re a genius!

Laurence, Cambridge University Graduate. London, UK


“I’ve received A* in my Spanish IGCSE and A Level. I could not have done it without your help and encouragement to aim high and do my very best.”