Lessons from Anywhere!

Your child will learn the Spanish language and important educational and life skills such as acquiring a deeper understanding when reading, working both individually and as a team member and becoming more confident and relaxed when using Spanish.

The programme is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Through Zoom

No software to install, just your email address to programme the classes.

Colorful visual materials, exciting topics, interactive classes, songs and games.

A special programme for pre-school kids and advanced speaking intensive courses. 

Private Lessons

15 - 30 - or 45 Minute Lessons

Conversation Classes Online

Ad Hoc lessons

For specific purposes (i.e. an individual session to practise before an exam) €50 per session.

Intensive Courses at our premises in Santiago de Compostela Include:

Special Focus Programmes

Spanish Course for Infants

This course is designed for those who are just starting out with Spanish. The classes combine songs and fun stories and learning takes place naturally and playfully.

Young Learners

The perfect complement to Spanish in school: dynamic, fun classes in smaller groups. We offer classes which ensure linguistic progress and motivation in a friendly yet dynamic environment.

Our reduced class size and communicative methodology encourage participation.

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Practice is the key for mastering a language.

We recommend 30 minutes of practice at least twice a week.