How to Become Fluent in English

Learn 6 top-tips on becoming a fluent English speaker! From María C. Veiga-Sánchez, Founder of “Aula de Inglés”
3 women having a conversation in English

1. Start by using English right now and as often as possible!

Listen to the radio or podcasts on your favourite topics; watch films in English and English videos on YouTube with or without subtitles, depending on your level of English; read English newspapers online and books on Kindle or iBooks as you can look up words and expressions instantly; read and listen to plays or listen to music in English; there are unlimited online resources as well as online English classes to get you to practice the language in an spontaneous way, you can enrol in the ¨English conversation classes” offered at Aula de Inglés.

2. Set (SMART) learning goals

Why do you want to become fluent in English? Why becoming fluent in English is important to you? The reason should be great enough to motivate you throughout your learning journey.

What level of fluency do you want to achieve? 

What’s your time commitment? Do you want to spend time (and money!) on English?

Outline your English learning goals for the coming year. Your SMART Goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound)

Example of smart learning goals are:

  • “within 12 months, I want to be able to read and understand the articles in the  Financial Times (or in the “Guardian”)
  • Within 6 months, I want to be able to talk with English speakers about everyday topics such as food, sports, music, films.

3. Create a plan to achieve your goals 

Make it fun and enjoyable by using material you like. In this way you are learning about something of interest to you whilst practising the English language. Do a lot of focused reading, and listening paying attention to the language but you also need to practice speaking.

4. Implement favourite habits

To stay focused and ensure progress is made (i.e. how much time you spend using English each day). Your commitment is key to achieving success!

Becoming fluent in any language is not something that happens overnight, it´s an ongoing learning process. Learning English takes time and at Aula de Inglés we are committed to helping you in your journey to become fluent. If you cannot afford the classes find someone to practice speaking with you.

5. Spend some time in an English speaking country

If at all possible, you should spend some time in an English-speaking country. Take your your holiday in an English speaking country; If you’re at a university that offers study abroad programmes, consider spending a semester or a year abroad studying or doing an internship. If you work for a company with subsidiaries overseas, you might be able to take a temporary position abroad.

6. Keep practising! 

Find people in your area or online to practice with and/or take up conversation classes and do not worry about making mistakes. Native speakers make mistakes in English all the time. Do your best and be persistent, the more you practise the better your English will get.