Spanish for All

Aula de Español is a boutique-like platform for students to practice Spanish in a friendly and caring atmosphere guided by a highly qualified experienced Tutor.

Classes are aimed at developing fluency in conversational Spanish.

You will use Spanish in a relaxed and comfortable setting improving your understanding and gaining fluency and confidence.

The Thematic approach to learning and intimacy of ”Aula de Español” is what sets us apart. We welcome you to explore this site and to give us a call if you have  any question.

Attaining proficiency in Spanish is an important step towards achieving your career and life goals.

The founder, María C Veiga Sánchez, believes in the power of language to transform lives and International Education has always been at the heart of everything she does.

As a native speaker, she knows that Spanish is a wonderful and sometimes complicated language, and you will find that learning with her will be interesting and rewarding.


María C. Veiga Sánchez
Founder of Aula de Español & Aula de Inglés

  • MSc Educational Research (UCL Institute of Education)

  • MA Education Management (King’s College London)

  • MA Applied Linguistics (Birkbeck College)

  • BA/MA in Philosophy and Educational Sciences (University of Santiago de Compostela)
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Spanish. The Second Mother Tongue in the World by number of speakers.